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Northview High School Course Catalog

Look through the course catalog to determine what classes Northview offers and what prerequisites are needed. Link to the 2019-2020 Course Catalog on the Northviewhigh.com web site.  Link to the 2020-2021 Course Catalog in Microsoft Word.

Course Registration Instructions for 2019-20 Classes


January 24, 2019 - You will receive registration information in homeroom.  You should read the online curriculum guide (Northview High School Course Catalog) and select elective courses for next year.  Teachers will be registering you for your academic subjects.  Please speak with each of your teachers about your academic placements for the 2019–2020 school year.  This is your opportunity to ask questions and to choose classes.

Advanced Placement Night – Students interested in taking an AP course are encouraged to attend.  Attendance is not mandatory. If you are interested in an AP course, but currently do not have the grade requirement, you should attend to learn more about the rigors of the course.  In order to waiver into an AP course you must submit a waiver by April 22nd.  All AP Commitment Contracts for certain elective AP courses and applications for certain elective courses (yearbook, literary magazine, newspaper, mentorship, and CBE) are due on Thursday, January 31st.  A transcript must be attached to each elective AP Commitment Contract.  If you are unable to attend AP night, you may access the elective AP Commitment Contracts online and submit it by the deadline.  Current teachers will be recommending students for all non-elective AP courses. 



February 12, 2019 - You will receive your first course verification with your academic courses listed.  It is your responsibility to choose electives and alternates and to list them clearly on the registration form.  You must fill out the form completely and enter electives/alternates in each space provided regardless of your certainty that you will receive your top choices.  Failure to choose alternates will result in your counselor choosing electives for you.  All online course requests must be submitted by April 15th.  Blue online forms are available in the counseling office.


February 14, 2019 - You will return your course verification (including electives and alternates chosen) in homeroom.  The form MUST be signed by you and your parent/guardian and returned to your homeroom teacher. 



March 5, 2019 - You will receive a second course verification form in homeroom with your 2019-2020 academic classes and top-choice electives listed.  This is your opportunity to make any necessary changes to electives and on-level academic courses only.  Changes to academic courses require subject-area teacher signature on the form.  


March 7, 2019 - You will return the signed verification form (with any changes) in homeroom.


April 15, 2019 – All online request forms must be submitted by April 15th.  Students must submit and register for all online course requests by April 15th.  Late submissions will not be approved.  April 15th is the deadline for all SUMMER, FALL, and SPRING online requests.



April 16, 2019– Course waiver forms available to students in the counseling office from 4/16 – 4/22.  12 week progress reports available in HAC on 4/16.  Grade requirement for course waiver form based on 12 week progress report.  All waivers must have a 12 week progress report attached to be considered. Students may only waiver into two courses maximum. ***If more than two requests are submitted, NO waivers will be processed.



April 26 – May 31 - Schedule changes will be made for students during the waiver window.  This is your FINAL opportunity to adjust the level of the classes for which you have registered.  Now is the time to speak with your teachers and counselor about YOUR schedule.  Your elective course selection does not guarantee your enrollment in a specific course.  Any elective course may be used to complete the final schedule if necessary.  You cannot wait until orientation in August, to choose your electives, or make changes to electives you have already chosen. 



***Some AP and honors courses have summer work/reading that is due upon return to school.  It is your responsibility to know which classes have assignments.  Schedules will not be changed because a summer assignment was not completed.

***Please review the online course FAQ.  You are not guaranteed a seat if a summer online course is not completed.



Online Classes

For more information on online classes and summer school, go to our web page Online Classes and Summer School for that information.

AP Placement Process 

This year the AP placement process has changed.  There are no AP Commitment Contracts for core classes.  Current teachers of core classes (math, science, language arts, and select social studies) will make all placement recommendations for the next level AP course in their content area.  If you are interested in doubling up in a certain content area you must let your current teacher know to place you in two AP courses.  For example, if you are interested in taking AP Biology and AP Environmental Science, you would need to let your current science teacher know.  Teachers will be placing students based on our published prerequisite grades in the 2019-2020 curriculum guide.  Please reference the curriculum guide on our website: www.Northviewhigh.com if you have any questions.


If you currently do not have the prerequisite grade for your desired AP course, you must submit a course waiver by April 22nd.  All waivers will be reviewed, and students meeting the prerequisite grade at the 12 week mark will be placed provided there are seats available.  A third review of all waivers will take place at the end of the school year once final grades are posted.  All students meeting the prerequisite grade at the end of the school year will be placed provided there are seats available.


The following courses are considered electives and require an AP Commitment Contract for placement:


AP Computer Science Principles

AP Computer Science A (if you are not currently enrolled in APCS Principles)

AP Psychology

AP European History

AP Human Geography

AP Statistics

AP Micro / Macro

AP Art History

AP Music Theory



If you have any questions regarding the AP placement process please speak with your teacher or counselor prior to the January 31st deadline.

Math Progression Options:  

Fulton County has published a math progression flow chart for Fulton County math. You can use this chart to understand how your math classes should progress.  Please note that Northview does not offer Honors only classes.  All Northview Honors classes are also accelerated, so if you are looking for an Honors track, follow the flow chart for Accelerated courses.