Scheduling and Registration Forms


If you are interested in requesting a schedule change for 2nd semester, you must complete a Schedule Change Request Form. You can find the form through the link below or by scanning the QR code found in the Counseling office. All requests must be made within the first 10 days of 2nd semester. After this date, no requests will be approved. Please know that while we make every effort to accommodate requests, completing this form does not guarantee a change will and can be made. If your request is approved, it will be reflected on your 2nd semester schedule in Infinite Campus. 


These are the links to the Schedule Change Request Forms 

Please pick the form that corresponds with your last name. 

Students with last names A-Dh  [Cara Dunn] - 

Students with last names Di-Kq  [Cindy Choung] - 

Students with last names Kr-Pas  [Andy Alhadeff] - 

Students with last names Pat-Th  [Erica Thomas] - 

Students with last names Ti-Z  [Rahman Sparks] - 

Online Course Request Form: CLICK HERE

Northview High School Course Catalog - Look through the course catalog to determine what classes Northview offers and what prerequisites are needed. Link to the 2021-2022 Course Catalog in Microsoft Word.

Math Progression Options:  Fulton County has published a math progression flow chart for Fulton County math. You can use this chart to understand how your math classes should progress.  Please note that Northview does not offer Honors only classes.  All Northview Honors classes are also accelerated, so if you are looking for an Honors track, follow the flow chart for Accelerated courses.