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Enrollment Procedure and Information

Existing Fulton County Schools Families

Students already going to a Fulton County school who are transferring to Northview, will need to complete an in-system transfer after logging into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. From Infinite Campus, click on Online Registration in the menu and select existing student registration for either current year or next year based on which year the enrollment is for. Then select in-system transfer. For information on how to get started, click here. For screen shots on how to complete the process, click here. You need to contact your current school to tell them that you need to withdraw and follow the process they give you. Contact the new school with the application number you received through Infinite Campus.


If you are enrolling in Northview's 3DE magnet program as a transfer student, click here for instructions.

If you have an existing Fulton County student and you need to add a new one, log into Infinite Campus Portal, go to Online Registration and choose Current Year or Next Year New Student registration depending on which year the registration is for. Then complete the application.

New Students

To enroll at Northview HS, new students who are not currently enrolled at a Fulton County school need to complete steps A, B, and C.

Attendance Zone - If you are new to the area, please make sure you are living in Northview's attendance zone before trying to enroll. Here's a link to information on Fulton County Schools attendance zones -

FCS Enrolllment Page.png

A)    You must first complete the Online Registration Form at  This web page also gives instructions on how to enroll as a new student and how to transfer between Fulton County Schools.

New students will click on the Click Here, Infinite Campus Circle. Current Fulton County students will click on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal light green rectangle. See the image above of the Fulton County enrollment page.


You will be asked to upload:

  1. A Proof of residency document from the Residency list – Usually a lease or mortgage or home contract

  2. A proof of residency from the Utility List – A water or electric bill 

  3. A parent ID – Usually a driver’s license or passport

  4. Proof of student’s date of birth – Usually your child’s birth certificate or passport

  5. Your child’s Social Security Card if they have a Social Security number

  6. Proof of immunization – This must be on the Georgia Certificate of Immunization Form 3231. Out of State immunization records don't count.

  7. Ear, Eye and Dental Screening Form 3300 - 

  8. Unofficial grades/transcript, next year's schedule from the current school if available, using the "Upload Academic Documents" button.


A complete list of documents you can use to prove residency is further down on these instructions.


B)    As you complete the Online Registration Form (OLR), please note the application number which is on the application.


C)    Once you have completed the Online Registration Form, you need to report your application number to Northview so we can find and process your application by emailing it our registrar at

Complete List of Proofs of Residency

Residence Verification – Provide two proofs of residency from the Fulton County approved list of verifiable residence documents:  ONE FROM THE APPROVED UTILITY LIST AND ONE FROM THE APPROVED RESIDENCY LIST.  

Utility List (One required):




Residency List (One required):

  • Copy of Home Mortgage Bill

  • Copy of Home Sale Contract

  • Current Apartment/House Lease

  • Section Eight/HUD Housing Document

  • Current HOA Bill

Do you need the immunization form or the Ear Eye Dental Nutrition Form 3300? Click here.

Questions? Email

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