Dual Enrollment


Dual Enrollment is a State of Georgia initiative that allows high school students to take college courses through an approved college or university for high school credit.

To apply for Dual Enrollment, you must follow the high school's registration process as well as the college's application process. Apply to your college and then you must complete the Dual Enrollment Funding Application with the Parent Agreement portion online via GAFutures.org, and the paper copy of the Fulton County Contract. Summer and Fall deadlines for Dual Enrollment are the last school day on or before March 31st. The spring deadline is the last school day on or before November 1st.

2021-2022 Dual Enrollment instructions and information from Fulton County Schools.

Informational Presentation on Dual Enrollment from Northview Counseling: CLICK HERE

Dual Enrollment brochure from GA Department of Education: CLICK HERE

Fulton County Dual Enrollment Contract due to your high school counselor via email if you cannot submit it in person.

DE Changes Q&A: https://www.gafutures.org/media/188094/dual-enrollment-funding-program-faqs-01-31-2020.pdf


For Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) information on Dual Enrollment, go to the GAFutures.org web site.


GSU DE Information - Click for letter from GSU

Georgia Gwinnett College - According to the Director of Admissions, GGC had not moved to the online format as of March 25th. Please submit the completed document to GGC using email address transcripts@ggc.edu or via fax 678.407.5747. All signatures from counselor, parents and student must be in place.

GT Distance Computer Science (2020-21)

Georgia Tech’s Spring 2021 dual enrollment application is now open for Distance Computer Science. We invite students who have an interest in computer science to apply for this one-semester program.  

Please see below for details about this opportunity.

Important Considerations

  • This application is only for students who have not previously applied for dual enrollment at Georgia Tech for the 2020-2021 year.  

  • Some students applied and were admitted in the summer for spring semester Distance Computer Science. They do not need to reapply.

  • Any student currently taking Distance Math can request to add Distance Computer Science to their spring registration by contacting Laura Simmons.

  • To be considered, students must complete the online dual enrollment application, and submit both a high school transcript and ACT, SAT, or PSAT results.  

Course Basics

  • CS 1301 is one of Georgia Tech’s Introduction to Computing courses. Targeted to Computer Science students, it is also commonly taken by industrial engineering, business, liberal arts, and science majors.

  • This course covers the basics of computer science in the Python programming language.

  • Students with a score of 4 or 5 on AP Computer Science A can earn credit for this particular course based on their AP score.

  • Instruction and evaluation (including exams) are fully delivered online.  

Distance Participation Requirements

  • Each participating student must have access to a computer with a web camera, reliable internet access, a web browser, and quiet space.

School Requirements

  • Schools must support each student's application and participation in the program.

  • Counselors will need to complete a funding application for each student for Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Program at GAFutures.org.

For more information, please visit the course web page and our Distance Computer Science web site. Feel free to contact me if you have questions I can help answer.

Georgia Tech Math/General Dual Enrollment (2020-21)

Students must follow the Dual Enrollment process to participate in Georgia Tech Distance Calculus, so high school forms are required by March 30th.  However, Georgia Tech opens their online application on May 15th so you won't be able to apply to GT until then.  Their application deadline is June 15th.

Important application information from Georgia Tech -

  • Click here for a link to the application info on GT's web site.

  • Click here for information on changes to the application process due to the impact of Covid-19.

From Georgia Tech:

Georgia Tech's Distance Math Program partners with Georgia high schools to offer advanced math classes to dual-enrollment students.

Distance Math Year One Program
Students who completed AP Calculus BC may apply to take:

  • Fall Course: MATH 1554

  • Spring Course: MATH 2551 (Linear Algebra is a pre-requisite)

Distance Math Year Two

Students who have completed Distance Math Year One may apply to take:

  • Math 3012: Applied Combinatorics (Fall)

  • Math 2552: Differential Equations (Spring)

Each class earns four credit hours at Georgia Tech. Students should participate in lectures and studios five days a week

  • About lectures.
    All students are expected to view pre-recorded lecture recordings each week. Lectures are available through a learning management system.

  • About live sessions.
    Teaching assistants conduct live sessions twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students can choose one of two 50-minute session times: 8:25 - 9:15 a.m. or 5 - 5:50 p.m. Sessions are accessible via any web browser and recorded for those unable to attend.

  • About tests.
    School officials proctor four or five 50-minute tests and one two-part final during the semester. Schools have flexibility to determine what time tests are administered on course-specified exam dates. However, all students must test together. Proctors return tests to GT for grading.

  • About textbooks.
    Online textbooks are provided and packaged with homework.

  • About student support.
    Multiple resources and opportunities are offered to students for additional help, such as:

    • Online office hours with the instructor

    • Online discussion forum, available through the learning management system

    • AskBuzz: 24/7 support

    • Office of Information Technology (for technical support)

Important 2020 Deadlines

  • May 15 – June 15: Dual enrollment admission application open

  • June 15: Application and transcript due

  • July 10: All test scores due (SAT/ACT/AP exam)

  • July 17: Decisions released through admission portal

For information about requirements and admission for the Distance Math programs, please see our Distance Math web site.

Georgia Tech's Distance Math Program - Prospective Student Meeting

Georgia Tech has posted a video of their Distance Math program for prospective students.  Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKHfLjCyFLI&feature=youtu.be

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