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Dual Enrollment Overview


Dual Enrollment is a State of Georgia initiative that allows high school students to take college courses through an approved college or university for high school credit.

To apply for Dual Enrollment, you must follow the high school's registration process as well as the college's application process. Apply to your college and then you must complete the Dual Enrollment Funding Application with the Parent Agreement portion online via, and the paper copy of the Fulton County Contract. Summer and Fall deadlines for Dual Enrollment are the last school day on or before March 31st. The spring deadline is the last school day on or before November 1st.

Important Info I need to Know about Dual Enrollment

Forms and Action Items Needed for DE

  • Fulton County Dual Enrollment Contract due to your high school counselor via email if you cannot submit it in person. 

  • The Dual Enrollment Funding Application is available through GAFutures.

  • For Dual Enrollment transcript requests, request a transcript through ScribOrder - The transcript must be sent directly to the college(s). Choose Educational Institution from the Address Type drop down menu so you can select the college to send it to. Under Special Instructions, type in "This is for DE." 

  • For forms and action items for the college you are applying to, you must go on the college web site for information.

Information About Colleges Where Northview Students Often Enroll

Auburn University - Auburn First Program

Fulton County has introduced an option to do Dual Enrollment through Auburn University. Click Here for information on the Auburn First Program. 

Gwinnett Technical College

Links to information on DE at Gwinnett Tech: and

Georgia State University (GSU) DE Information

GSU offers students two DE options: on campus at the downtown location or at one of the GSU Perimeter locations. There is a GSU Perimeter location off of Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta.

Georgia Gwinnett College

For information on enrolling at Georgia Gwinnett College, go to

Georgia Tech Distance Math/General Dual Enrollment 

Georgia Tech's main option for Dual Enrollment is through distance math or distance computer science classes that are held in conjunction with local high schools. Georgia Tech's admissions process occurs later than all of the other schools. Students must follow the Dual Enrollment process to participate in Georgia Tech Distance Calculus, so high school forms are required by March 31st. This means you must apply through GAFutures by March 31st and complete the Fulton County DE form. However, Georgia Tech typically opens their online application on May 15th so you won't be able to apply to GT until then.  Their application deadline is June 15th.

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