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Earning Course Credit through

Demonstrating Subject Area Competency (Testing Out)

End-Of-Course Tests (EOCT)

August 2017

During the 2017-18 school year students will have the opportunity to “test-out” of any course for which there is an associated EOC test and earn credit for the course through that process. Course credit shall only be awarded to students who reach the performance level of “Distinguished Learner” on an EOC test taken prior to taking the course.  



Which EOC tests can be tested out?

Test-out opportunities will be offered for all EOC tests. They include:

English Language Arts (9th Gr Lit and Composition & American Lit and Composition)

Mathematics  (Algebra I & Geometry)

Science  (Biology & Physical Science)

Social Studies (United States History & Economics)


Which students are eligible to participate in an EOC test-out administration?

Students must meet the following requirements:

1. Not currently or previously enrolled in the course;

2. Not currently or previously enrolled in a higher-level course;

3. Have earned a grade of B or better in the most recent course that is in the same content area of the course for which the student is attempting the EOC;

4. Received a teacher recommendation from the teacher of the most recent course in the same content area (or, if not available, a teacher in the same content area with knowledge of the student’s academic achievement) for which the student is attempting the EOC; and

5. Received parent/guardian permission if the student is less than 18 years of age.


As part of the advisement process, schools should consider the likelihood for success in future courses that may require knowledge and skills that are inherent within the course. In addition, the student’s post-secondary plans and needs must be considered. The test-out option should not be exercised for students without deliberation and clear evidence of the likelihood of student success both on the test itself and in future coursework/endeavors. Students who do not meet the eligibility criteria above should not be assessed for this purpose.


Is there a fee to test-out?

A $50.00 fee per test is required when the student signs up to take the test.  Students who meet the eligibility criteria and achieve the “Distinguished Learner” performance level will be reimbursed and incur no cost.  If a student opts to test-out and has achieved the “Distinguished Learner” performance level, but then decides to take the course instead will NOT be reimbursed.   


How are the tests offered?

All test administrations will be conducted online.  Paper/Pencil, Braille and Large Print will be available for students who require these formats due to an IEP or 504 plan.


When should eligible students take the test-out option?

During the 2017-2018 school year, the opportunity for students to test-out will be offered in the specific Mid-Month Administration windows in September (September 20-22) and March (March 14-16). 


How many subjects can a student test-out?

Students may earn no more than three units of credit by demonstrating subject area competency in their academic careers. 


Can middle school students participate in the testing-out option?

Yes, middle school students can participate in the testing-out option for high school courses taught  in middle school.  There is not a grade or age limit.


Can students get recommendations from previous teachers?

Yes,  students can use recommendations from previous teachers from the same content area or relevant subject. 


How many times can a student attempt an EOC test under the test-out option?

Eligible students only have one opportunity per course to demonstrate subject area competency through testing-out.


Students are provided one opportunity to test-out per course and can earn up to three credits by testing-out. Does this mean that a student could attempt a total of eight EOC’s (1 for each EOC)? EX: I fail to make “Distinguished Learner” on Ninth Grade Literature and Composition, I fail to make “Distinguished Learner” on Algebra I, I score “Distinguished Learner” on Physical Science, can I still take Biology and US History?

Yes, the student can attempt to test-out of more than three different courses but can only earn a total of three units of credit by testing-out. The first three courses that the student scores “Distinguished Learner” by testing-out will be all the units of credit that the student can earn by testing-out.


Is a student who transfers from a Home School eligible to participate in the testing-out option?

Yes, all students who are enrolled in a Georgia public school and meet the eligibility requirements are allowed to participate.

For more information about the EOC test-out, contact the Assessment Department at 470-254-1751.

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