AP Information & Scheduling 

for 2020-21 School Year 

AP COURSE PROCESS - There are no AP Commitment Contracts for core classes.  Current teachers of core classes (math, science, language arts, and select social studies) will make all placement recommendations for the next level AP course in their content area.  If you are interested in doubling up in a certain content area you must let your current teacher know to place you in two AP courses.  For example, if you are interested in taking AP Biology and AP Environmental Science, you would need to let your current science teacher know.  Teachers will be placing students based on our published prerequisite grades in the 2021-2022 curriculum guide.  Please reference the curriculum guide on our website: www.northviewhigh.com if you have any questions.


If you currently do not have the prerequisite grade for your desired AP course, you must submit a course waiver by April 16th.  All waivers will be reviewed, and students meeting the prerequisite grade at the 12-week mark will be placed provided there are seats available.  A third review of all waivers will take place at the end of the school year once final grades are posted.  All students meeting the prerequisite grade at the end of the school year will be placed provided there are seats available.


The following courses are considered electives and may require an AP Commitment Contract for placement if you are not currently enrolled in a course where a teacher can complete the recommendation.


  • AP Computer Science Principles

  • AP Computer Science A (if you are not currently enrolled in APCS Principles)

  • AP Music Theory

  • AP Art History


If you have any questions regarding the AP placement process please speak with your teacher or counselor prior to the February 9th deadline.

2021 AP Commitment Forms

  1. AP Art History

  2. AP Computer Science A

  3. AP Computer Science Principles

  4. AP Music Theory

  5. AP Psychology

Information on all course registration and scheduling processes: CLICK HERE.

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