Senior Advisement


Important Information for Seniors:

As you begin your senior year, we strongly encourage you to visit Naviance to research and plan for college, explore careers and to find scholarships. 

For students planning to attend college, Naviance Student will also be used to request and process transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other college application documents. After doing your research, and compiling a list of colleges you are applying to in Naviance, you will need to become familiar with the different platforms colleges use to have students apply. These platforms include:


If you are using Common Application to apply to college, you will need to:

  1. Create your Common App account.

  2. Match your Common App account to Naviance. This can only be done on or after August 1st.

  3. Do not request counselor or teacher recommendations until after you match your accounts on or after August 1st. Requesting recommendations before August 1st will create issues with processing.


Please watch the below videos in preparation for the college application process:


To help guide you with the college application process, use the provided College Application Timeline and Checklist. We hope that you will find these resources helpful.

If you are interested in going into the workforce, military, or desire to explore other options outside of college, please contact your assigned counselor. We are eager to help you develop a plan!

  • Using Naviance

Most of what you will do to apply for college, will be done through Naviance. It is very important that before you start applying for colleges, you set up your Naviance account and match your Common App account to your Naviance Account. Click here for our Naviance page.

  • Senior Advisement Night Information 2021-22
    To view the Senior Advisement PowerPoint, click here.

  • Senior Advisement FAQ 2021-22

To view the Senior Advisement  FAQ, click here.

  • Senior Information Night Recording 2021-22

To view the video presentation with the counselors, click here.

All seniors are required to complete a senior information sheet and submit it to your counselor by September 9, 2022. Your teachers and counselors will use this information to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Please include all activities you have been involved in from 9th - 12th grade. This can include outside activities in the community and any service projects. The more information that you provide, the better your letter will be! This is your chance to brag about yourself. 


Download the Microsoft Word document and make sure to do a save as and rename it with your name. Add your information and then email it to your counselor.

  • Senior Year Timeline - Click here.

  • FAFSA Checklist - Click here.

  • Financial Aid Night Video 2021-22 - Click here.

  • Mid Year Transcripts / Reports

Many schools request a mid-year transcript/report be sent after your first semester grades. Please use the following steps to request mid-year transcripts through Naviance:



1. Log into Naviance.

2. Click on Colleges I’m Applying to.

3. Select schools you’d like to send transcripts (using check box).


5. Select Mid Year under “What type of transcript are you requesting?”

6. Click Request and Finish.


*At this time, mid-year transcripts can be requested. However, they will not be available to send to the requested schools until mid to late January.


Use the following link to view a video with step by step directions for requesting transcript: Requesting College Transcripts (


  • Best in Class offers college admissions essay coaching - 678-332-2100;;

  • FAQ for The Common Application


~  Size of Class of 2022: 463

~  Class Rank: We do NOT rank. (We do not have deciles, percentiles, etc.)

~  GPA = Numeric Scale: 100; Weighted

~  CEEB Code: 111148


For students taking Gwinnett Tech or Georgia Tech classes at Northview, please answer the following:

Taught on a college campus: No

Taught on a high school campus: Yes

Taught online: Yes

Will a college transcript be available to them: Yes


  • No Test Colleges

List of colleges and universities that do not require standardized test scores:

  • 2021 Spring Final Exam Exemption

Seniors may exempt their final exam in any class in which the following criteria are met:

  • 85 or higher (before honors points and without recovery)

  • No suspensions, in-school or out-of-school during the entire spring semester.

  • No more than 5 absences from the individual class


Exemption is by period/class. It is possible to meet the requirements and exempt one class, but not others. Before their last day, seniors must take around the Senior Exemption/Check Out form to each of their teachers. This form must be completed, signed by a parent or guardian and turned in to the Attendance Office before the last day of classes.

2021 Graduation Program: Click Here