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Pertinent Information Regarding 2023 Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program For High School Students



Facebook: Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program (SLIP 31)


We are grateful for your interest in the 2023 Internship Program! This is a rigorous, all-in program. Please note if you have any conflicts during the period of May 31, 2023, to July 21, 2023, you should not apply. We traditionally have significantly more applicants than available spots. Absences for study abroad programs, family reunions, sports competitions, graduation trips, long weekends, and the like are not allowed. You are all-in or you are not. Freshmen and Sophomores, Classes of 2025 and 2026, are not eligible.


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What is the Emerging Leaders Program?

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) offers a unique opportunity for sophomores and juniors from North Fulton high schools who wish to develop leadership skills, identify and address community issues and interact with local leaders. This is accomplished through a combination of interactive lectures, discussions, site visits, outside activities, community service, and networking opportunities.


This program provides the skills and knowledge for students to be effective leaders in their communities.  The program is built around class days with specific topics to be addressed such as healthcare, government, professional development, financial literacy, mock interviews, strength building, public safety, and much more!


Do you have a student at your school that stands out among their peers?  Do you see potential in the student that needs to develop their leadership skills?  This program is for them!


This year, we have 43 students representing 11 high schools in North Fulton.  This program is great for your student to step out of their comfort zone, learn new skills, develop new relationships, and engage in their community.


You can find the application for 2023-24 HERE. Deadline to apply is April 1st (students also need a recommendation letter to apply)


Register for our virtual information session on February 22nd HERE.

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Discover Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College Programs 2023!
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For over 100 years, Carnegie Mellon has offered students unique and hands-on educational programs from the fine arts to technology and everything in between. Through Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College Programs, rising juniors and seniors in high school have the opportunity to experience a world-class education on a beautiful, vibrant college campus. Our programs prepare them for their upcoming college experience, help them narrow their career focus, and build critical knowledge and skills.

Pre-College Programs* - Summer of 2023

  • Architecture: Introduces design practice, creative problem solving, and critical thinking through a matrix of programming, celebrating curiosity and providing a strong foundation for architectural education. (4-week program)

  • Art: Uses both traditional tools and cutting-edge technologies to explore creative ideas in a college-level studio environment. Students develop both conceptual and technical skills preparing them for a wide range of opportunities in both art studies and careers. (3- and 6-week program options)

  • Computational Biology: Provides extensive training in both cutting-edge laboratory experiments to generate biological data and the computational analysis of that data. Uses real-world scenarios for exploration. (3-week program)

  • Design: Introduces students to the discipline of Design, provides a foundation of skills, and gives a clear idea of what to expect from a college-level accredited program. (6-week program)

  • Drama: Prepares students for the college audition and interview process, illustrating the kind of creativity and discipline required of students studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts Drama curriculum. Students will be introduced to the intensity of a top-rated undergraduate conservatory experience. (6-week program)

  • Music: Immerses high school students in a world-class conservatory experience within an internationally recognized university. The program mirrors the first weeks of Carnegie Mellon’s first-year undergraduate School of Music curriculum. (3- and 6-week program options, commuter part-time option)

  • National High School Game Academy: Allows high school students to experience modern video game development using industry-standard technology. Students interested in art, music and audio, game design, and software development are encouraged to apply for this multidisciplinary program. (6-week program)

  • Summer Session: Provides high school students with the opportunity to take summer courses offered by Carnegie Mellon. Students earn college credit while working in an academic setting that mirrors the supportive, rigorous environment of the first year of college. (6-week program)

  • Writing & Culture: Storytelling is the process of uncovering, understanding, and sharing stories. Whether through words or images, stories unite us and help create a mutual space for understanding ourselves and each other. That’s what the Pre-College Writing & Culture program works to develop: skilled, reflective, engaged storytellers who can share our stories well. (6-week program)

*Limited scholarships available for programs above.

Fully-Funded, Merit-Based* Pre-College Programs - Summer of 2023

  • AI Scholars: Provides opportunities for students who have historically been excluded in STEM to study artificial intelligence with full-time faculty, staff, and researchers who are leaders in the field. (4-week program, rising seniors only)

  • Computer Science Scholars: Provides students who have historically been excluded in the field of computer science an opportunity to explore the subject with full-time faculty, staff and researchers who are leaders in the field.  (4-week program, rising juniors only)

  • Summer Academy for Math and Science:  Allows students from underrepresented communities to develop a deeper understanding of STEM via traditional classroom instruction, hands-on projects, and sustained engagement with world-renowned faculty and skilled staff mentors. (5-week program, rising seniors only)

    *No cost to participant.

To learn more about our programs, please register for one of our Discover Sessions or contact us with questions.

Here is our online application.

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