Records and Transcript Requests 

  • 2022 Graduates - Counselors are off contact through late July. If you did not request a final transcript before June 3 and need one sent prior to our return, you will need to request your transcript via (fee is charged). If you would rather it be sent via Naviance it will be sent once we return and would need to click on to sign in and to submit your request. 

  • All Current Students will use Scrib Order (free) this includes for applying to Dual Enrollment, Special Programs, Scholarships, NCAA, or Private schools – Under special instructions, please state if you want it mailed or emailed and what address you want it sent to. Otherwise, it will be emailed back to you. If you are requesting to have the transcript sent directly to a college, choose Educational Institution from the Address Type drop down menu.

Questions? Email Brooke Jarabek at

Transcript requests must be submitted 15 school days prior to the application deadline to ensure that your documentation arrives at the organization on time.