Records and Transcript Requests 

  • Current Seniors completing college applications – Use Naviance. Access via classlink. Naviance Information and Instructions.   If you request a transcript for a special program or scholarship or reason other than as part of your college application, you need to send an email to explaining what you need and that you submitted a request via Naviance. If you request the transcript via ScribOrder, you won't need to send an email. Fulton County now asks that you designate if you want to send a weighted transcript or unweighted transcript before we send your transcript. Please complete the form - Weighted or Unweighted Transcript Selection Form.

  • Anyone else requesting school records should go to the Fulton Records Management web site. This includes colleges, education verification requests, and current students who need student records other than a transcript. You will need to create a free account on Scrib Order.

Questions? Email Brooke Jarabek at

Transcript requests must be submitted 15 school days prior to the application deadline to ensure that your documentation arrives at the organization on time.