Detailed Instructions for Completing Senior Tasks

How to Request a Transcript Through the Senior Exit Survey

To request your final transcript, complete the information in your Senior Exit Survey. Choose one and only one school to send your final transcript. If you select more than one, only one school will receive your transcript and it may not be the school you plan to attend. Please choose this option if you are 100% certain of where you will be attending school.

naviance transcript.png

How to Request a Final Transcript Through Naviance Without Using Senior Exit Survey

  • Wait until you have made your final decision on where you want to attend, then

  • Go to Naviance> Colleges I’m Applying To

  • Click the box of the school the transcript should be sent to

  • Click + Request Transcript

college applyin.jpg
  • Check FINAL


How to Request a Transcript for The NCAA Eligibility Center

  • You need to add the NCAA Eligibility Center just like you would a college.

  • Go to Colleges I’m Applying to

  • Add a college> Click the Plus Sign in the red circle

  • Add NCAA Eligibility Center, and click on ADD AND REQUEST TRANSCRIPT.

ncaa eligilibity.png