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Senior Final Tasks Before Graduation

Task 1 - Submit Scholarships for Graduation Progam

Task 2 - Complete Senior Exit Survey

Task 3 - Request Final Transcript

Hello Seniors,

You have a few tasks you must complete to graduate. It’s a lot of information, so please read carefully.

TASK 1: Submit Scholarship Information for Graduation Program (Optional)

Due Wednesday, April 27th

If you want your scholarship offers listed in the graduation program, you will need to complete and submit this Scholarship Info Form by the end of the day on Wednesday, April 27th. Late submissions will not be accepted.


Task 2: Senior Exit Survey (Mandatory)

Due Wednesday, April 27th.

Every year, the State of Georgia requires graduating seniors to complete a Senor Exit Survey before graduating. This task has been assigned to seniors through Naviance.

You will be given the option to request your final transcript while completing this survey. Please request your final transcript during the survey if you are 100% certain you know which school you plan to attend. If you select multiple schools, the transcript will only send to one of the schools on your list and it may not be the one you plan to attend.

Please log into Naviance to complete the senior exit survey task. You will also be asked to complete the proof of college acceptance. Upload proof from all colleges you've been accepted to. Scroll to the bottom of your home page until you see this image.  


For Question 7: Which colleges are you applying to, only click on options that apply to you. If no option applies, leave it blank.

Task 3: Request Final Transcript for College and NCAA (Mandatory if you are headed to college)

If you are heading to college, you must request your final transcript. Your final transcript is the one that gets sent in June after your senior year grades are finalized. Colleges require a final transcript as part of attendance at their school. You have two options for requesting your transcript. See below for your options and how to request a transcript be sent to NCAA.

Which option applies to you?

  • I’m not sure which school I plan to attend

Request your transcript through Naviance like you have in the past. Click the FINAL transcript option.   You can wait until you make your final decision but it is recommended that you complete this task by May 11th.

Click here if you need more detailed directions.


  • I know which school I plan to attend

To request your final transcript, complete the information in your Senior Exit Survey. Question 7 includes a check box for “send final transcript.” Choose one and only one school to send your final transcript. If you select more than one, only one school will receive your transcript and it may not be the school you plan to attend.

Click here if you need more detailed instructions.

  • I need to send a transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center

Using Naviance, add the NCAA Eligibility Center just like you would a college. Choose ADD AND REQUEST TRANSCRIPT.

Click here if you need more detailed instructions.

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