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March 2, 2023
Counseling Newsletter


Life After Northview: Wednesday, March 8

On March 8th, the NHS Counseling department is hosting an event called “Life After Northview”. The event focuses on post-graduation options outside the traditional 4-year college pathway. Participates include a cosmetology school, technical schools, aviation, welding, military, and more. Life after Northview is open to all students and will be during both A and B lunches in the courtyard/cafeteria for you all to meet the speakers or institutions.


Peachtree College Planning: How to Find the Right College & Avoid Overpaying Workshop

Peachtree College Planning is hosting a virtual workshop called, " College Costs Survival Guide." This is a virtual event on March 7th at 12PM and 7PM, and great for all age groups.

Here is the link to register:

Hope you all can attend!


2023-2024 Course Registration: What’s Next

Course Requests

All elective requests students provided and drop-down changes were made after the 1st Course Verification Form was returned. Any request to take WBL, Dual Enrollment course, online course (summer or fall/spring), and/or move up to honors or AP course will not be reflected in Infinite Campus at this time. Please see below for details on the waiver process to request moving into honors and/or AP courses for next year, as well as additional information regarding Dual Enrollment and virtual courses.


Waiver Process

April 10th– Course waiver forms available to students from 4/10–4/14. Grade requirement for course waiver form based on 13.5-week average. All waivers must have a 13.5-week current average attached to be considered. Students may only waiver into two courses maximum.

*If more than two requests are submitted, NO waivers will be processed.



If you are interested in taking Dual Enrollment courses next year and you were unable to attend the lunch & learn last week, please visit Northview Counseling’s website for updated information on how to apply. The link can be found here:

The deadline to submit all required documents is March 31, 2022. Counselors will adjust course requests for Dual Enrollment once the student has completed all the application steps and provided their counselor with a Dual Enrollment contract signed by both the student and parent/guardian.



Face-to-Face Summer School

Please visit for more information regarding registration, courses available, important dates, and more.


Summer Fulton Virtual Schools 2023:

Students will continue to use Genius to register and access summer courses. To request to take an online Fulton Virtual course this summer, students must follow the steps below:

  • Go to Classlink from

  • Login to Classlink

  • Click on Fulton Genius

  • Request Course (on left side bar)


2023-204 SY Fall/Spring Fulton Virtual School: Vector

Registration is now open. Students will register and drop Fulton Virtual courses for the 2023-2024 school year via the Registration Module of Infinite Campus - VECTOR. Students will register through the Infinite Campus parent or student portal. To request a course, students must follow the steps below or see attached PDF:

  1. Open Campus Student/Parent Portal

  2. Log in to VECTOR – Course Request

  3. Select Request Course

  4. Register for Course


Georgia Virtual School (GAVS) Registration

Summer registration opened on March 1st. Fall/Spring registration opens on March 30th.

Please visit for additional information including, important dates, courses offered, and more.


Important Note about Virtual Courses

Northview Counseling provides information about online classes and summer school on our web site: As a reminder, if you are planning on taking a yearlong course this summer, you must register for the “AB” option.


Counselors will make changes to your course requests for the 2023-2024 school year after you have registered for the courses and if fall/spring courses, also submit the online virtual form. The online virtual form for fall/spring virtual courses only can be found here:




We encourage all students and families to complete the FAFSA by your college’s financial aid deadline.

For additional information, please visit


HOPE/Zell Miller

If interested in the HOPE or Zell Miller scholarship, be sure you have applied using either the FAFSA or GSFAPPS application. You must apply to be eligible.  Check your HOPE GPA by creating an account on If you can’t see your HOPE GPA in GAFutures, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements including having taken your four rigor courses as defined by the GA Student Finance Commission. Here’ a link to information on qualifying for HOPE GPA - If interested in Zell, be sure you have submitted your qualifying SAT or ACT Scores.



Please visit to view a list of scholarships and student opportunities available to students as quite a few new scholarships/opportunities have been added in the last few weeks.

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