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College Information Sessions

College information sessions are now open to Northview High School students. Admissions counselors are signing up for face-to-face or virtual information sessions in Naviance. Please go to Naviance to register to attend. Instructions on college visits are available at our College Visits web page. Visit this same page to learn about other college info sessions as well, like the Harvard, Princeton, UVA, Wellesley, and Yale Prospective Student Information sessions in August.

Junior Information Night

The Class of 2023 Junior Information Night will be held on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 at 6:00 pm via Teams. In addition to the information night, counselors will also be sending out information regarding your student’s individual junior conference at a later date. During this live Teams presentation, counselors will discuss a range of topics, including the following: Meet Your Counselors, Graduation Requirements, Credits & Honor Points, College Admission Standards, SAT & ACT, Scholarships & Financial Aid, Naviance & More! Please access the live session link here: Junior Information Night Link

Freshman-Sophomore Advisement

Class of 2025 Freshman Advisement will be held on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 during their ELA course. 

Class of 2024 Sophomore Advisement will be held on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 during their ELA course. 

Class of 2024/2025 Virtual Parent Night will be held on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 6:30 pm via Teams.  


Attached is the live Class of 2024/2025 Advisement Night for Wednesday, September 22 at 6:30PM:  9 th and 10 th Grade Parent Night Link

Emotional Health Hotlines Available to You

Fulton County has published a list of emotional health hotline numbers that are available to you. Please check out this link to their flyer.

Your Desi Helpline offers mental health support for south Asians.

If you need help with mental and emotional stress, relationship problems, social and cultural issues, or work and school challenges, your Desi Helpline can help you make an informed choice about your emotional well-being, find out how you can be helped, and find culturally sensitive health care providers.

Graduating Class of 2021 - Important Info on Applying to College

Naviance will be the new system for requesting teacher recommendations and transcripts as you apply to colleges. However, the system won't be available for you to use for this reason until after August 1st. Please wait until school begins again in August to request transcripts and recommendations. You can always work on essays over the summer and keep them ready for when you apply. 

Naviance is going to link to the Common App. If you are applying to any schools through Common App, after August 1st, you will need to match your Naviance account to your Common App account.  Here are links to videos on how to match your account and how to request transcripts and recommendations. Even if the school you are applying to does not use Common App, you will request a transcript through Naviance.  Naviance partners with Parchment to send the non-Common App requests electronically.


Here are links to training videos on how to use Naviance to request transcripts and recommendations.



Fulton County is introducing Naviance a new system designed to help students with college and career planning. In fall 2020, applying to colleges will be integrated into the Naviance system in some situations. Go to our Naviance page for more information.

Tutoring Help for SAT/ACT and Subjects

Huntington Learning Center offers SAT and ACT and subject matter tutoring, check out our Tutoring page for more information.


Universal Remote Learning Help for Families from Fulton County

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