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Counseling Newsletter April 22, 2020

Peach State Tour - Online Info Panel for College Admissions Fall of 2021

Hosted by Georgia State, UGA, and Georgia Tech, the Peach State Tour this spring is online on April 23rd from 7:00 -8:00pm. The discussion will provide tips, insight and perspective for Georgia students, regardless of the colleges they plan to apply to, and will specifically address the impact of Covid-19 and the implications it will have on the application review on these campuses and around the country. Go to, to register.  

Online Classes for Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 - Items are Missing


  1. Don't forget to pay for your summer classes.  Northview does not pay for summer classes.  Parents should receive an email from the virtual school they registered with requesting payment. We are seeing many students who are registered for summer courses who have not paid.

  2. If you registered for a fall or spring online class, don't forget to complete the Online Course Request Form.  See links below.  Again, we have many students who are registered but have not submitted a form.

  3. To take online classes fall 2020 and spring 2021, you must submit an Online Course Request Form and register online directly with the school of your choice -- Fulton Virtual or Georgia Virtual. The deadline to complete both of these steps is May 1st.  

  4. Northview no longer requires that you complete a form to sign up for optional summer classes.  However, we highly recommend that you talk to your counselor beforehand to make sure that the class you plan to take is appropriate for you.  Once you have decided on a class, register online directly with the school of your choice -- Fulton Virtual or Georgia Virtual  

Students are guaranteed a spot in the class provided they meet the county minimum guidelines and seats are available.

Update on GAVS Spring 2020 Term Grades

GAVS announced they will report three different grades for spring term 2020: the average on March 11th, the Pre-Final Average, and the Overall Course Average (including the Final). Northview will choose the highest of these three averages for all GAVS students (9-12). If students are happy with their pre-final average, they can choose whether or not to take the final exam for their GAVS courses.

Dual Enrollment Reminder

Once you have registered for DE classes, don't forget to submit a copy of your college course schedule to

Seniors - Important Before You Graduate (Complete Two Tasks)

Before you graduate, you must submit the Senior Post Graduation Plans form and let us know how you are requesting your final transcript.  The final transcript is the one colleges use to place you in classes and is sent after your 2nd semester grades have been officially posted.  Click the Senior Post Graduation Plans Form link to submit the form.  Due Date: May 4, 2020

In addition the state requires that you complete a Senior Exit Survey.  This will be completed through Naviance, which you access through Class Link -  For instructions, ​click this link to access the step-by-step .pdf.   Due date: May 8, 2020

Help With Emotional and Mental Health

Even though school is no longer in session in the building, counselors are still available to assist students struggling with difficult situations, anxiety, or depression.  For example, Summit Counseling, which partnered with Fulton County to bring private therapists onto the school campus, is still providing therapy services.  Only now, they are conducting online meetings. If a student is interested in this kind of help or a parent is interested in getting this help for their child please reach out to your counselor for a referral.  Additionally, Fulton County has published a list of emotional health hotline numbers that are available to you. Please check out this link to their flyer.

Your Counselor Contact Information

Counselors are primarily available via email and check it regularly. As a secondary option, counselors are being issued new cell phones so that you can phone them during regular business hours (8:00am-4:00pm).

Student Last Name A – Da

Cara Reilly ( - Phone: (470) 473-8510


Student Last Name De – Ka

Cindy Lee ( - Phone: (470) 473-8573


Student Last Name Ke-Ne

Andy Alhadeff ( - Phone: (470) 332-3201


Student Last Name Ng – Sio

Erica Waters ( - Phone: (470) 473-8481


Student Last Name Sip – Z

Letitia Graham ( - Phone: (470) 473-1680

Scholarships and Student Opportunities with Upcoming Deadlines

The 2020 Jr. Deputy Clerk Summer Internship Program - Apply by April 27, 2020

Fulton County Clerk of the Superior and Magistrate Courts Cathelene "Tina" Robinson presents The 2020 Jr. Deputy Clerk Summer Internship Program.  Theme: #WOKE 2020 (Working on Kontinuing Excellence). June 1 - June 30.  To participate in this program an applicant must be a rising 10-12 grade student, available for the duration of the 4-week program, committed to work hours of 8:45am - 4:00pm M-F, and able to provide own transportation daily.  For more information or to apply, visit  Link to flyer.

Deloitte Three-Day Tech Challenge - Applications opened March 2 and will close after all 30 spots are filled.

Are you currently in 11th grade and interested in attending a free three-day program to hone your tech skills? Apply to the Deloitte Team Tech Challenge! You’ll discover cool uses for analytics, AI, and blockchain while competing in a fun tech innovation challenge. You’ll also learn about skills for college success and explore possible tech careers for your future.  The application will open on March 2, 2020 and will be open until locations are filled. Admission is on a rolling basis. Space is limited to 30 students per location. The program will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for three days at the downtown Atlanta Deloitte office from July 7-9, 2020.

SUMMER LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE at Augusta University - May 8, 2020

Open to students who will be enrolled in high school in fall of 2020, the focus of this camp will be on emergent leaders with topics on the distinctions of leadership, citizenship, and persuasive communication. Students will participate in workshops and programs on the Summerville and Health Sciences campuses of Augusta University. Events will include lectures, keynote speakers, and activities. The 2020 Summer Leadership Experience Camp will take place from May 28th through May 31st. The cost of the Summer Leadership Experience is $200 per student. The deadline for registration and payment is May 8th, 2020.

Courtney E. McCord Foundation Scholarship - May 1, 2020

Established in 2016, the Courtney E. McCord Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to executing Courtney E. McCord’s lifelong mission of empowering education, and maximizing scholastic potential among youth of diverse backgrounds. The Courtney E. McCord Foundation strives to provide youth access to quality education, in addition to required support in preparation for excellence in collegiate studies and beyond.

The Courtney E. McCord Foundation has for the past three years, awarded scholarships, to help defray the cost of college tuition. The Courtney E. McCord Foundation is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity available to current high school seniors. We ask interested applicants to submit a 250 word essay detailing the importance of education, and how this scholarship will allow the applicant to assist them in reaching their maximum scholastic potential. Scholarship applications including essays should be submitted via the Courtney E. McCord Foundation’s website at Submissions must be received by Friday, May 1, 2020.

For more information regarding the Courtney E. McCord Foundation, please visit our website at For additional questions regarding the scholarship, please submit all inquiries to

PB&J Scholarship - May 31, 2020

The PB&J scholarship awards students who have experienced challenges in their life that may not have allowed them to perform well academically but still have the drive to succeed. Award amount is $500 - $1,000. 

From The Scholarship Director: When I attended Farrington High School in Hawai’i, my GPA and test scores were low, but I was determined to go to college. I managed to receive ten different scholarships, which helped me fulfill that dream. To give back to future students, I lived off PB&J sandwiches during my first year in college to save money to fund a scholarship for another student like me. Apply at   

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