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Counseling Newsletter March 25, 2020


Course Waivers
We have received some questions about what to do about waivers. At this time, we will not be reviewing course waivers for the 12-week grading period. We are awaiting details and updates from the District regarding a timeline for finalizing semester grades. We will be reviewing waivers at a future date this semester but want the process to accurately reflect each student’s academic coursework and ability.

Dual Enrollment Deadline
Just a reminder that the Dual Enrollment deadline is on March 31. There is a new process to follow even if you’ve submitted forms previously. The Dual Enrollment Funding Application and Parent Agreement (SPA) is online through The Fulton County Contract is available online via our web site. If you do not have online access, please call your counselor. (As an exception, Georgia Gwinnett College has said they are still following the old process and require the paper forms.)

Here is a high-level snapshot of what the process looks like:
1.    Students apply to the college before they can complete the DE funding application.
2.    Complete the funding application online before your parents can complete the parent agreement (also known as the SPA).
3.    Students and parents complete the parent agreement (still considered the SPA but called the parent agreement on GAFutures) online.
4.    Complete a copy of the Fulton County DE Contract and submit it to your counselor via email.
5.    Parents will receive an email to complete the online acknowledgement.

Go to our Dual Enrollment web site for all the necessary links to applications and forms:

Contacting Your Counselor
Counselors are primarily available via email and check it regularly. As a secondary option, counselors are being issued new cell phones so that you can phone them during regular business hours (8:00am-4:00pm).

Student Last Name A – Da
Cara Reilly ( - Phone: (470) 473-8510

Student Last Name De – Ka
Cindy Lee ( - Phone: (470) 473-8573

Student Last Name Ke-Ne
Andy Alhadeff ( - Phone: (470) 332-3201

Student Last Name Ng – Sio
Erica Waters ( - Phone: (470) 473-8481

Student Last Name Sip – Z
Letitia Graham ( - Phone: (470) 473-1680

Ordering Final Transcripts
Colleges ask for a final transcript before incoming freshman attend.  These transcripts should include the grades from the last semester that a student attended high school. If a student wants a final transcript, they need to request “Hold for Grades” in the drop-down menu.  The default setting is “Send Now,” so be sure to change “Send Now” to “Hold for Grades.”

Diploma Information for Seniors
Our registrar is ordering diplomas. Your given first, middle and last names as they appear on our school database will be printed on the diploma. When you are in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, click on “Today” on the menu.  You should see a photo of your child and your child’s full name written out.  That is the name that will go on the diploma. If you cannot see this information and have a question about the name, please contact Mrs. Boatwright at No nicknames will be printed on diplomas. Friday is the deadline for changes.

Scholarships and Student Opportunities
We have received information on two new scholarships:
•    Courtney E. McCord Foundation Scholarship –
•    Quest for Excellence UGA Sigma Pi Scholarship for Men -

Don’t forget about some of the other opportunities out there:


Chromebook Help
If you are having problems with your Chromebook or other technical issues like logging in, contact the county hotline at 470-254-2300.

College Board – AP exam update
Here is a summary of the latest information from the AP website:

  • The College Board has decided to shift the administration of AP exams to an at-home, online exam.

  • There will be two possible test dates for each exam. These test dates will be announced on April 3. More information is forthcoming with how exams will be scheduled.

  • For AP courses that require a final portfolio instead of an exam, due dates and requirements have been adjusted. Details for those exams can be found on the website above.

  • The College Board is working to ensure that every student is able to access the testing materials and ensure that the materials remain secure.

Best in Class Offering Distance Learning Tutoring
Northview HS business partner Best in Class (BIC) has updated all math and English enrichment classes, tutoring, and test prep offerings to deliver them through distance learning. From BIC: We know how important your child's education is to your family and want to make sure your child is able to learn while they are home. Our distance learning model allows us to effectively support each child's needs. Whether tutoring help with existing classes, or test prep for SAT, ACT or AP tests, we're here to help. Contact us at or 678-332-2100 to get more information.

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