May 2019 Counseling Newsletter

Parent Remind Texts


This year, the counseling department has been using the Remind app to text students about important counseling news.  Now we are adding parents to our distribution lists.  This service is voluntary.  If you want to participate, please sign up for your child's graduating class.

To sign up for text reminders, text the code for your child's graduating class to 81010 (Not working? Try texting to 484-318-2882.):


  • Parents of Class of 2020 - @67fd6d

  • Parents of Class of 2021 - @4cfgc7

  • Parents of Class of 2022 - @b3cka4f

To sign up for email reminders, use your PC and the appropriate web link:

Senior To Do List


Seniors have lots of things they need to take care of like getting their senior exemption forms signed, returning their chromebooks and texbooks, picking up their caps and gowns, and attending graduation practice. 

In addition, seniors need to complete a couple of tasks for the counseling office before they are cleared to walk at graduation.  One is to complete the Senior Exit Survey, which is an online survey. The survey deadline has been extended to Monday, May 6th. May 6th is the final deadline. The other is to submit the paper form called Class of 2019: Senior Survey and After Graduation Plans.  The paper form is due to Mrs. Boatwright in the counseling office.  This deadline has also been extended to Monday, May 6th.

As part of the paper form, students are told to request a final transcript through if they will be attending a college that they did not apply for through the Common App or Coalition App.  This is a third step.  Sometimes students will complete the form but won't go to Parchment and request the transcript.  To make sure they are receiving the final transcript - the one that includes second semester senior grades, they need to choose "Hold for Grades" on the drop down menu that says "Send Now."

Georgia Tech Distance Math Applicants


Georgia Tech opens their online application for Distance Math/Dual Enrollment on May 15th so you won't be able to apply to GT until then.  Their application deadline is June 15th.

From Georgia Tech:

Please be aware that we have changes to our offerings for Distance Dual Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year.


The following program will be unchanged:

Distance Math Year One

Fall 2019:  MATH 1554—Linear Algebra                

Spring 2020:  MATH 2551—Multivariable Calculus


The following program has a course change:

Distance Math Year Two

Fall 2019:  MATH 3012--Applied Combinatorics  

Spring 2020:   MATH 2552—Differential Equations


The following programs will not be offered next year:

Distance Genetics

Distance Organic Chemistry


For information about requirements and admission for the Distance Math programs, please see our Dual Enrollment website.

Text 4 Help

When students struggle with a crisis, it can be hard for them to ask for help.  Fulton County has implemented a new progam called Text 4 Help, which allows students to ask for help via text.  The service is anonymous and available 24/7 365 days a year.  Licensed professionals man the service.  Northview students simply text Titans to the number 844-201-9946.  They will receive a response within a short period of time.  Students can use the service to ask for help whether it's for themselves or classmates.

New Community Help Program

Purposity is a community help program that makes it possible for schools to better help families and students in need. Using the Purposity app, schools can post information about a need in our community. You will receive a notification about the situation.  Take a look at what's needed and decide if you want to help.  You can fulfill the need right from your device with just a few clicks.  Visit to get started.

Student Opportunities


As always, we post student opportunities on our web site from summer programs to scholarships to job opportunities.  You can also find paper copies of this information in the counseling office as well.

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