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(Freshmen, Sophomores, Rising 9th Graders)

Rising 9th Graders - Class of 2026

We are excited your student will be joining us at Northview.

Rising 9th Virtual Tours and Parent Night

  • Check out our Sway with information for rising 9th grade Northview students and parents: CLICK HERE

  • Watch our pre-recorded Parent Night Presentation: CLICK HERE

Rising 9th Grade FAQ - Answers to questions that came in after Rising 9th Grade Night - CLICK HERE.

Career Pathway options at Northview - CLICK HERE

The best source of information for rising River Trail 9th graders scheduling is Mr. Matthew Peterson at River Trail. Here's a link to the Rising 9th Graders page on the River Trail web site:

Sophomores & Freshmen

Freshman-Sophomore Advisement

Fall 2021 Freshman-Sophomore Parent Night Video: Click here. There is no sound for the first 40 seconds but after that there is sound.

Fall 2021 Freshman-Sophomore Powerpoint: Click here.

Fall 2021 Freshman-Sophomore Q&A: Click here.

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